Kirill Galushko v2 Pro Wheel

Image of Kirill Galushko v2 Pro Wheel


From the motherland himself, Mr. Galushko is presented with another incredible wheel. His push onto the Razor international pro team has helped bring his level of skating to new heights, and more people around the world are more aware of his skills and longevity in this industry. Support Kirill and Scribe by purchasing a few sets today!

Kirill's wheel is a 59mm / 90a black tempered urethane. It is poured over a solid urethane high density shock resistant core that can withstand the greatest impacts in the inline market. The urethane has a high rebound, and is developed to not chunk or split the urethane with significant wear timeline. This is a one-sided printed wheel.

Each set is marked with a 60-Day money back guarantee warranty, the only brand in rollerblading standing behind its product directly on the packaging. Your business and purchase is very important to us and the professionals skating for this brand.

Each set comes in a pack of 4.